Do drugs belong to the brand?

The most part of drugs are generic, but we have brand name drugs too.

What does Generic signify? Is the effect of the generic drugs similar to the brand name medications?

The only difference between these drugs consists in shape, name and price. A name of the generic medication is due to the active ingredient and the manufacturers use a brand name. Nevertheless, the manufacturers do not have the right to have a patent for some chemical component, so that the manufacturers of generic drugs may produce generics. The chemical content of them is the same because the active component is identical. Generic drug provides the same effect. The same result will be for the lower price.

Why are these generic drugs cheap?

The manufacturers of the brand name medicines have incurred large costs because they needed to conduct different medical studies, development as well as advertising. The expenses for FDA approval in the USA are shocking. The generic drug manufacturers do not conduct any studies, so that there is not need to cover expenses. As a result of this a cheap cost is available for people.

The tablets I received are not brand name drugs. There is a different name on them. Why?

As it was mentioned above the manufacturers are not authorized to use a patent for some chemical agent. Generics have completely identical active components as the brand tablets. Nevertheless, appearance, color, shape and name are considered as the intellectual property. And if the generic drug manufacturers use, for example, name of the brand tablet, they will have troubles with court because of the copyright infringement. That is why all generic tablets have a different appearance (color and shape unlike the brand tablets).

What are the guarantees of the tablets quality?

Our basic duty is to provide drug of high quality only. We are guided by the following statement: the better the quality is, the more clients we have. So we are very careful and attentive while selecting the suppliers. The drugs quality is carefully tested, and all papers are properly checked. Each medication is produced in India by the Indian company approved by FDA. Each pack contains Analysis Certificate received from the laboratory of the manufacturer and they correspond to the Indian laws.

What is the expiry date of the tablets?

Each blister of the tablets contain the expiry date which is different. The date differs from date to date and it is two years from the manufacturer date.

How to Order

What are the steps of ordering?

In order to place an order you need to do as follows:

  1. Select a drug you are going to buy and click "Add to Cart" button.
  2. Select a number of tablets you need to buy
  3. Then click "Checkout"
  4. Fill in the order form
  5. Then click "Submit" button
  6. After accepting the order you will get a confirmation notification at your indicated e-mail address. It is a very important e-mail. If you do not get it in about 15 minutes, you should inform us and it will be resent. This message can be downloaded from your account.

What are the payment methods?

We have the following payment methods:

Our payment methods include Visa, Mastercard.

When do you really post the charge?

When you fill in the order form and submit it, our processing center gets information, check it and then the card is charged. When the payment is authorized, it means that the order is processed and approved.

Is it safe to provide information about the credit card?

The security of our clients is very important and we take reasonable measures for information protection. The submitting page is protected and secured. It can be checked easily. There is a padlock on the bottom of the browsers window and it means that information is SSL encrypted. Pay attention that each secure page starts with "http:", and insecure pages are without "s".

Moreover, reliable companies such as WebSafe and McAfee check our servers every day.

Is there a discount system?

Yes, you receive points for every purchase. Once you are a customer we will send you special offers and discounts via e-mail.

Shipping and delivery

Do you really ship to our region?

The purchases are transported to practically all regions on the planet, for the exception to this rule of several locations in Asian countries. The countries we don't ship to Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Egypt, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Guam, Namibia, Thailand, Salvador , Cambodia, Oman, Morocco, Congo, Laos, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Gabon, Gambia, Nepal, Palau, Senegal, Malawi, Algeria, Angola, Afghanistan, Belarus, Haiti, Kenya, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sudan, Sierra Leone and Rwanda.

The place that the pills are delivered from?

The main drugs are produced in India; therefore, the requests are ready-made and posted out to you from that country.

So what packs do you really utilize? Will I really need to sign for that shipping?

The personal privacy is extremely important. Your individual request is going to be sent in an individual package, which is left inside your postal mailbox. You do not need to sign for this if the request is shipped by Standard Mail.

Could my request be sent exactly the same daytime I buy?

The items we offer for sale are located in store for quick shipping and delivery. nevertheless we must look at your request first of all to make certain the shipping and delivery details is proper, and then the item you've requested is packed up and only after that it is posted out to you. Most of these types of procedures take approximately 2 days.

A number of the shipping and delivery ways? When will i rely on the shipping and delivery?

At the moment, we provide two shipping and delivery ways:

  1. Express Shipping: the particular packs shipped with this postal service can be monitored by the tracking number provided.
  2. Registered Mail: the particular packs shipped with this postal service can be monitored by the tracking number provided.


Shipping and delivery Option




Express Shipping*


10-15  days


Registered Mail 


15-30  days


* we cannot manage to post your personal request by Courier Service when you indicate a PO box with your shipping and delivery home address or in case you provide us with an incorrect contact number.


Please make sure to, understand that the time period of shipping and delivery described right, here is the approximated shipping and delivery time period and that is correct for the majority of situations, however should not be assured because of the chances of force major situations explained down the page.

You should, remember that the company doesn't keep responsibility regarding extensive long delays as a result of customs inspectors of global postal mail.

We do not additionally keep duty for long delays in shipping and delivery as a result of mail interruptions throughout the Christmas time and New Year special event, all natural catastrophes, strikes and other occasions, which interrupt posting procedure being over and above our management.

Understand the shipping and delivery prices.

The particular shipping and delivery prices can vary greatly according to the shipping and delivery method you select, the region of the desired destination, and also size of items you request. To learn the shipping and delivery price, put preferred items to shopping cart, and check out checkout.

Can the request be postponed at customs?

If this occurs, you'll certainly be informed. These people check with the receiver to come and provide an authorization to check the package. You then should get your personal items. In case you have any complications with having your request, you need to inform us and we'll make an effort to solve the situation.

What happens if the particular pack is broken or something is absent?

In cases like this, you really are to make contact with the help support group and inform of the trouble. We shall either resend the particular box or perhaps return your